Pick-Up Ute Truck Drawer Systems

With a 1-tonne system load rating and a 90kg payload per drawer, the heavy-duty DECKED pick-up truck and van drawer system enhance productivity, internal organisation and vehicle efficiency. Weighing only 90-100kg per system, DECKED ute drawers doesn't noticeably affect fuel economy or payload capacity.

Designed to increase productivity and organise your truck bed, the DECKED ute drawer system twin drawer ute storage system is a solution to the problem of having to reach over or crawl into your truck bed to reach cargo that slides around endlessly.

DECKED is compatible with most tonneau covers. However, it is not compatible with any roller shutters.

Two full-bed length tub drawers extend to reveal a storage drawer space that can be organised to meet your requirements – DECKED can be customised with a range of accessories like drawer dividers/partitions, waterproof toolboxes and more.

When fitted, DECKED sits above the wheel arches in the truck bed to create a full-width, full-length surface area on top of the deck with a 1-tonne evenly distributed load capacity.DECKED offers greater security for your cargo – each drawer can be closed and hidden behind a locking tailgate.

Designed in the United States, DECKED is a unique and revolutionary low-profile pick-up truck drawer system. Features ergonomic and heavy-duty integrated drawers that conveniently slide in and out within easy reach, load rating per drawer up to 90kg of cargo.

If the DECKED system ever needs to be taken out of or transferred to another vehicle, the assembled system can be removed in around 15 minutes – the drilled holes can then be re-filled with rubber grommets.

Every DECKED drawers system is shipped in a box with an easy-to-follow, step-by-step fitting guide complete with images, enabling you to enjoy a transformational pick-up truck drawer system within three to four hours.