From Tonneau Covers To Spare Parts, UniUte Has All Your Ford Ranger Needs

Discover the Best Accessories for Your Ford Ranger at UniUte

For years, the Ford Ranger has been synonymous with power, versatility, and adventure. Whether you’ve got the sporty Ford Ranger Wildtrak, the formidable Ford Ranger Raptor, or any of the other remarkable ranger models, there’s always a way to make it even better. At UniUte, we offer a myriad of Ford Ranger accessories, each uniquely designed to elevate your driving experience and make every journey memorable.


Ford Ranger Specifications

The Ford Ranger stands out in the pickup segment, boasting impressive performance metrics and features. The Ford Ranger XLT, a popular model in the Australian and the North American markets, features design modifications, exterior changes, and various advanced features such as a digital instrument cluster and adaptive cruise control. Depending on the variant, the Ranger comes powered by efficient and powerful engines that can tackle the toughest terrains. The Ford Ranger Wildtrak, for instance, offers a blend of strength and sophistication, with a modern design, a spacious cabin, and advanced tech features, including fancier interior trim and comfortable rear seats. Higher trim levels like the Wildtrak and Platinum come equipped with advanced features such as active park assist and zone lighting. The Ford Ranger Raptor, on the other hand, is the epitome of an off-road beast, equipped with a robust suspension, larger tires, and features that make it trail-ready. The Ranger also offers compatibility with Android Auto, ensuring seamless connectivity on the go.


Key Specs:

Engine Options: Varying by model, with turbocharged diesel options and an optional engine for enhanced performance.
Towing Capacity: Ranges based on engine size and configuration.
Payload: Competitively high in the segment, accommodating heavy loads.
Safety: Features advanced safety technologies for a secure ride.
Alloy Wheels: Available in higher trim levels, adding both style and functionality.
Cab Chassis: Specific models come with an analogue rear view camera for enhanced visibility.
Trailer Brake Controller: Available in the highest trim levels for better trailer integration and control.
Sport Appearance Package: Offers aesthetic and functional enhancements tailored to different trim levels.
Steering Wheel: Features electric steering for improved fuel efficiency and comfort.

Enhance Your Ranger with UniUte’s Exclusive Range

1. 1 Piece Aluminium Lid & 1 Piece Hard Lid For Ford Ranger: Add an extra layer of security and style to your Ford Ranger with our sturdy aluminium and hard lids. Designed to be both functional and aesthetically pleasing, they perfectly fit and enhance the truck’s bed protection.


2. 6pcs Black Steel Bash Plates For FORD RANGER: Built for adventurers, these bash plates ensure the undercarriage of your Ranger is shielded against rough terrains and unexpected impacts.


3. Drawer System & Sliding Tray Drawer for Ford Ranger: Organize your tools, equipment, and personal items efficiently with our bespoke drawer systems. Easily access your gear and keep it secure on the move.


4. Canopy For Ford Ranger NextGen: Our Ranger canopies are perfect for those seeking added space and security. Tailored for the Ford Ranger, they seamlessly blend with the truck’s aesthetics.


5. Manual Roller Lid Shutter & HR REVOLVER Hard Rolling Cover: Whether you prefer manual or automated, these roller shutters provide optimal protection for your cargo against weather elements and theft.


6. Colour Coded Fender Flares: Add a touch of elegance and aggression to your Ford Ranger with our colour-coded fender flares. They’re not just stylish, but also functional, offering added protection.


7. Tail Gate Central Locking & ProLift Tailgate Assist: Make loading and unloading hassle-free. Enhance the functionality of your tailgate with central locking systems and the ProLift assist.


8. Soft Roll Up Tonneau Cover & Tri-Fold Hard Lid Tonneau Cover: Whether you want the flexibility of a soft roll-up or the ruggedness of a tri-fold, we’ve got the perfect tonneau covers for your needs.


9. Universal Roof Racks Cross Bars: Expand the carrying capacity of your Ranger, perfect for outdoor enthusiasts and professionals alike.


From the iconic Ford Ranger Wildtrak to the off-road-ready Ford Ranger Raptor, every variant deserves the best in accessories. At UniUte, we believe in offering quality products that cater to every Ranger enthusiast’s needs. Dive deep into the world of Ford Ranger accessories with UniUte and transform your truck into an extension of your personality. Don’t just drive; thrive with UniUte.