• SSANGYONG MUSSO Tow Bar For SsangYong Musso XLV LWB (Long) 2018+
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    Tow Bar For SsangYong Musso XLV LWB (Long) 2018+

    UniUte Tow Bar for SsangYong Musso XLV LWB (Long) 2018+: A Robust Addition for Your Towing Needs Upgrade your SsangYong Musso XLV with the UniUte Tow Bar, a pinnacle of towing technology and design. This aftermarket automotive tow bar is custom-designed...

  •  Universal Black Rear Hitch Step
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    Universal Black Rear Hitch Step

    Looking for a versatile and durable hitch step for your vehicle? Look no further than our Universal Black Rear Hitch Step! This easy-to-install hitch step fits to any tow bar hitch on any vehicle, and features a strong construction that's built to last...

  • MITSUBISHI DELICA Tow Bar For Mitsubishi DELICA D5 2006-2022
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    Tow Bar For Mitsubishi DELICA D5 2006-2022

    Upgrade Your Mitsubishi Delica D5 with UniUte's Premium Tow Bar When it comes to enhancing your Mitsubishi DELICA D5's capabilities, there's no better addition than the UniUte Tow Bar. Designed specifically for Mitsubishi DELICA D5 models ranging from...

  • Tow Bar For Toyota Hilux 2012-2014
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    Tow Bar For Toyota Hilux 2012-2014

    UniUte Tow Bar for Toyota Hilux 2012-2014 The UniUte Tow Bar, specifically engineered for the Toyota Hilux models from 2012 to 2014. This aftermarket automotive tow bar is not just a towing accessory; it's an upgrade to your vehicle's capability and...

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    Now: AU$200

Unleash the Power of Towing with UniUte Tow Bars and Accessories

Welcome to UniUte, where your towing needs are met with exceptional quality and versatility. As the premier destination for premium tow bars and hitch accessories, UniUte is dedicated to enhancing your towing experience, whether it’s for a caravan, trailer, or a horsebox. Our extensive range of ute tow bars embodies reliability, durability, and versatility, the cornerstones of what we stand for.

Effortless Installation and Top-notch Quality

UniUte’s tow bars are synonymous with easy, seamless integration. Designed for a non-drill fitting to your chassis and tow ball, they ensure a secure and robust connection without compromising your vehicle's integrity. For added convenience, we offer a pickup towbar fitting service, ensuring a smooth, hassle-free installation process.

Heavy Duty Towbars: For the Heavy Lifters

Our heavy-duty tow bars, featuring a 50 x 50 mm square hitch receiver, are built for those who demand robust performance. They're typically rated to match your vehicle’s maximum towing capacity, making them indispensable for towing larger loads like caravans, boats, or for professionals who are constantly on the move. These tow bars provide unparalleled strength and reliability, allowing you to tow with utmost confidence.

Removable Tongue Ball Mount: Convenience at Its Best

Functionality meets convenience with our tow bars’ removable tongue ball mount. This feature allows for easy detachment when not in use, maintaining a clean and unobstructed rear for your vehicle. It's as simple as removing the retaining clip and hitch pin, and the tongue ball mount slides out effortlessly.

Compatibility and Versatility

The robust 50x50 mm square hitch receiver isn't just about strength; it’s also incredibly versatile. Compatible with a wide range of tow hitch accessories, UniUte ensures you have the right solution for any towing need.

Your Trusted Accessory Supplier

At UniUte, we supply robust, secure, and stylish 4x4 tow bars for a diverse range of vehicles. From the Ford Ranger to the Volkswagen Amarok, our products cater to various models, ensuring reliability, style, and performance. Choosing UniUte means opting for quality and trustworthiness in your towing accessories.

Tow Bars Australia: Tow with Confidence

Australia’s rugged terrain calls for a reliable towing solution. Our tow bars and accessories are designed to meet these demands, ensuring reliability wherever your adventures take you.

The UniUte Difference: Quality, Durability, and Style

At UniUte, we don’t compromise on towing. Our commitment to quality, durability, and style is evident in our range of products – from bar tow, tow bar, automotive tow bar, to towing bar for cars, our tow bars cater to various needs and preferences.

Tow with UniUte, Tow with Confidence

UniUte stands as a leader in tow bars and accessories. Our products reflect our dedication to quality, offering peace of mind and confidence in your towing tasks.

Whether it's for work or leisure, UniUte Tow Bars and Accessories are the smart choice. Experience the difference that quality, durability, and style make. Tow with confidence, tow with UniUte.

Towing Bars: A Closer Look at What UniUte Offers

Bar Tow Excellence: Our bar tow range is designed for ease of use and reliability. Engineered to meet stringent standards, they offer a perfect fit for your vehicle, ensuring safe and efficient towing.

Innovative Tow Bars: UniUte’s tow bars are a blend of innovative design and practical functionality. They’re tailored to seamlessly integrate with your vehicle, enhancing its towing capability without altering its aesthetics.

Diverse Range of Towbars: With a diverse range of towbars, we cater to various models and towing requirements. Whether you need a towbar for a compact car or a heavy-duty truck, we have the right solution.

Bar Towing Solutions: Our bar towing solutions are designed with the user in mind. They offer easy installation and removal, ensuring you can switch between towing and regular driving modes effortlessly.

Tow Bars for Every Car: UniUte’s tow bars for cars are versatile, catering to different car makes and models. From sedans to SUVs, we ensure your car is equipped for any towing task.

Automotive Tow Bar Range: Our automotive tow bar selection is second to none. Designed for durability and strength, they are ideal for both personal and professional use.

Car Tow Bar Expertise: Understanding the nuances of different vehicles, our car tow bars are crafted to meet specific needs, ensuring a perfect fit and optimal performance.

Tow Bar for Every Car: Whether you drive a compact city car or a robust 4x4, UniUte has a tow bar for your vehicle. Our extensive range means you’re always ready to tow.

Car Towbars for All: Our car towbars are built to accommodate a wide range of towing needs. From lightweight trailers to heavier loads, you can count on their reliability.

Tow Bar Australia - Made for the Outback: Specifically designed for Australian conditions, our tow bars withstand the harsh outback environment, providing reliable performance in any setting.

Tow Bars for Sale - Quality You Can Trust: UniUte’s tow bars for sale are a testament to our commitment to quality. We ensure that every product meets our high standards, giving you the best in the market.

The Ultimate Towing Solution

UniUte’s range of towing bars, tow bars, and tow bar accessories are the epitome of quality and functionality. Our products are designed to meet the diverse needs of Australian drivers, ensuring safety, reliability, and ease of use. With UniUte, you are not just buying a tow bar; you are investing in a reliable partner for all your towing needs.

Choose UniUte for your towing solutions and join the ranks of satisfied customers who trust in our quality, durability, and style. Tow with confidence, tow with UniUte.