Wild Cruiser 250 Waterproof 4 Person Soft Shell Roof Top Tent

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Product Description

UniUte Wild Cruiser 250: The Ultimate Waterproof 4 Person Soft Shell Roof Top Tent

Welcome to the world of overland adventures with the UniUte Wild Cruiser 250, a revolutionary roof top tent designed for the avid explorer. Merging the comfort of home with the thrill of the wild, this rooftop tent transforms any 4x4 into a haven of relaxation and adventure.

Key Features:

- Manual Soft Shell Design: This roof to tent boasts a user-friendly, manual soft shell design, perfect for quick set-ups and effortless pack-downs.
- Spacious & Comfortable: With a generous inner tent size of 250x200x110cm, it comfortably accommodates 4-6 people, making it an ideal rooftop camper tent for families and groups.
- Durability Meets Style: The UniUte Wild Cruiser 250 is not just a pop up roof tent; it's a statement of durability and style. Its sturdy aluminium construction and fully wrapped internal frame are built to withstand diverse environments.
- Weather Resistant: Constructed from top-notch polycotton fabric and featuring a strong eave, this car top tent offers unparalleled protection against wind and rain. All our rooftop tents are rigorously tested for water and wind resistance, ensuring your safety and comfort.
- Ergonomic Sleeping Experience: The high-density mattress and insulated cover promise a sleep so comfortable, you'll forget you're not in your own bed.

Innovative Features for an Enhanced Experience:

- Stargazing Window: Our unique top PVC panel not only brings in light but also offers a mesmerising view of the night sky, adding a romantic touch to your overland journeys.
- Spacious & Protective Eave: The large front eave not only provides ample shade but also shields you from unpredictable weather, ensuring your adventure continues, rain or shine.
- Optimal Ventilation: With three oversized windows and a large entrance, the UniUte Wild Cruiser 250 guarantees excellent ventilation and panoramic views of your surroundings.
- Convenient Storage Solutions: Equipped with shoe pockets on both sides and internal pockets, this rooftop camper tent keeps your small gear, cell phones, and keys within easy reach.

Specifications to Impress:

- Compact & Lightweight: Despite its spacious design, this roof top camper tent is surprisingly compact when closed (219x136x36cm) and light (77.5kg), making it a breeze to transport.
- Robust Materials: The body of the tent is made of 190G Rip-Stop Polycotton with a P/U coating of 2000mm, and the rainfly is crafted from 210D Rip-Stop Poly-Oxford with Silver Coating and P/U 3000mm, ensuring durability and water resistance.
- Solid Flooring: The 210D rip-stop polyoxford flooring with a PU coating of 2000mm provides a sturdy and comfortable base.

Why Choose UniUte Wild Cruiser 250?

The UniUte Wild Cruiser 250 is more than just a rooftop tent; it's a gateway to a world where the wild lands become your home. Its blend of durability, comfort, and convenience makes it the perfect companion for your 4x4 adventures. Whether you're planning a family camping trip or a solo adventure, this car top tent ensures that you sleep under the stars in absolute comfort.

UniUte's Commitment to Quality

At UniUte, we are committed to providing outdoor enthusiasts with high-quality, innovative products. Our roof tents, including the UniUte Wild Cruiser 250, are designed with your needs in mind, ensuring every adventure is memorable and comfortable.

Embark on Your Adventure Today!

Don't wait to experience the ultimate adventure. The UniUte Wild Cruiser 250 Waterproof 4 Person Soft Shell Roof Top Tent is ready to transform your 4x4 into a mobile oasis. Shop now and start planning your next escapade with confidence and style!

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