Weathertight Ute Drawer System For GWM Cannon Ute 2020-2024

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Product Description

Discover the ultimate upgrade for your GWM Cannon Ute (2020-2024) with the UniUte Weathertight Drawer System. Designed exclusively for the adventurous 4WD enthusiast, this state-of-the-art ute drawer system redefines organization and efficiency. Say goodbye to the hassle of disorganized and inaccessible gear in your dual cab. The UniUte drawer system transforms your ute's cargo space into a highly functional, secure, and organized storage solution. Whether you're heading off-road, camping, or managing your professional tools, our 4WD drawer system is the ideal companion for every journey.

Product Description:

The UniUte Weathertight Drawer System for GWM Cannon Ute seamlessly integrates into your vehicle's tub, offering a sleek and efficient storage solution. Crafted with the finest materials, this ute drawer system promises durability, security, and unmatched ease of use.

Key Features:

- Custom Fit for GWM Cannon Ute (2020-2024): Engineered specifically for the GWM Cannon, our dual cab drawer systems offer a perfect fit. Note that installation requires the removal of the tub liner to ensure a seamless integration into your ute's design.

- Robust Construction: Constructed with high-grade materials, these ute storage systems are built to withstand the toughest conditions. Whether it's for 4WD camping drawers or professional tool storage, our drawers offer exceptional durability and weather resistance.

- Maximised Storage Space: The design optimises every inch of your ute's tub space. With our draw systems for utes, you'll experience a remarkable improvement in how you organise and access your gear. The system includes two full-bed-length drawers, perfect for storing camping gear, tools, or any other essentials for your journey.

- Secure Locking Mechanism: Security is paramount. Our 4WD cargo drawers come equipped with a robust locking system, keeping your valuables safe at all times.

- Easy Access and Organisation: Slide out the drawers effortlessly, thanks to our smooth gliding mechanism. The 4WD storage drawers are designed for easy access to all your items, without the need to crawl into the ute tub.

- Water and Dust Resistance: The UniUte Weathertight Drawer System is designed to protect against the elements. Whether you're traversing dusty roads or caught in a downpour, rest assured your items are safe in our weathertight drawers.

- Customisable Dividers: Tailor your storage with adjustable dividers. Our car drawer system allows you to create compartments that suit your specific storage needs.

- Weight Capacity: Despite their sleek design, these drawers are tough. Each drawer can hold a significant amount of weight, making them ideal for heavy tools or equipment.

- Sleek Aesthetics: Not only functional but also stylish. The UniUte drawer systems for GWM Cannon Ute blend seamlessly with your vehicle, enhancing its aesthetic appeal.

- Easy Installation and Removal: We understand the need for flexibility. Our ute drawer systems are designed for easy installation and removal, allowing you to adapt the use of your vehicle as needed.


From off-road adventures to professional trade use, the UniUte Weathertight Drawer System for GWM Cannon Ute is versatile. Use it as a 4WD camping drawer for your outdoor escapades, a secure storage system for your tools, or simply as an organizer for your everyday items. The possibilities are endless.

Why Choose UniUte Weathertight Drawer System:

When it comes to 4x4 drawer systems for sale, the UniUte Weathertight Drawer System stands out. It's not just about creating extra space; it's about transforming your GWM Cannon into a more functional, organized, and secure vehicle. Whether it's for leisure or work, our system is the best 4x4 drawer system in the market.

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