Tub Mat For New Ford Ranger NextGen 2022+

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Product Description

Introducing the Tub Mat for Ford Ranger - the ultimate solution to protect your truck bed! Our high-quality rubber tray liner features a foam base and a durable rubber top layer, ensuring maximum durability and preventing any potential damage to your truck's tray.

This Double Cab Rubber Matt is expertly designed to keep your cargo in place and prevent any unwanted sliding during transportation. Our mat is custom cut to fit the exact specifications of your specific vehicle with tub liner, ensuring a perfect fit and easy installation.

Please note that although our mat may appear shorter or narrower in tubs without a liner, rest assured that it will fit perfectly with the liner in place. While we do not have pre-cut patterns for all the different liners on the market, our Tub Mat is still an ideal solution for your Ford Ranger.

Invest in the best protection for your truck bed with our Tub Mat for Ford Ranger - order yours today!

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