Tub Mat For Mitsubishi Triton MV 2024+

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Product Description

Looking for a reliable bed mat to protect the tray of your Mitsubishi Triton MV? Look no further than our Rubber Tray Liner!

Crafted from a durable foam base with a top layer of tough rubber, this Double Cab Rubber Mat is specifically designed to prevent damage to your tray while also helping to keep your cargo from sliding around during transit.

Please note that our mat is cut to suit each specific vehicle with a tub liner, so it may appear short and narrow if used without a liner. Unfortunately, due to the wide variety of different liners on the market with different sizes, we do not have patterns for each liner to enable them to be pre-cut.

Invest in the ultimate protection for your Mitsubishi Triton MV tray with our Rubber Tray Liner today and enjoy added peace of mind on every job!

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