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Sliding Tray Drawer for Dodge RAM 1500 5.7' Bed

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Product Description

Introducing the UniUte Sliding Tray Drawer: The Ultimate Slide Tray for Ute - Tailored for Dodge RAM 1500

Welcome to the world of enhanced utility and convenience with the UniUte Sliding Tray Drawer for your Dodge RAM 1500. This innovative ute pull out tray is not just a product; it's a game-changer for your vehicle. Designed meticulously for the 5.7' bed of a RAM 1500, this slide tray is the epitome of functionality and design.

Why Choose the UniUte Sliding Tray?

If you've ever found yourself struggling to access tools and equipment from the back of your ute, the UniUte slide out tray is your solution. With its robust construction and effortless slide mechanism, it's a must-have accessory for your vehicle.

Key Features:

1. Robust Construction: Made for the rugged Australian outdoors, the UniUte ute sliding tray is built to withstand a load of up to 400KG. Whether it's heavy machinery or your camping gear, rest assured, this sliding platform can handle it all.

2. Smooth Operation: Featuring smooth-running bearings, the slide tray ute ensures easy access. The tray slides out seamlessly, allowing for quick loading and unloading.

3. Versatile Locking System: The sliding tray for utes comes with a unique three-point locking system - in, out, and midway. This flexibility ensures that your items are accessible and secure at any point.

4. Extended Slide Movement: With a total slide movement of 1000mm, this ute slide out tray makes it unnecessary to climb in and out of your ute. Everything you need is within arm's reach.

5. Easy Installation: The slide out trays for utes are designed for easy installation. The package includes all necessary hardware, and you can choose to install the provided aluminium checker-plate style tray or customise it with your tray or drawers.

6. Secure Transportation: The ute tray slides come with tie-down loops, ensuring your load stays secure during transit.

Installation and Compatibility:

The UniUte sliding tray is specifically designed for the Dodge RAM 1500 with a 5.7' bed, ensuring a perfect fit. Installation is a breeze, and you can choose to go with the provided tray or customise it as per your needs.

Versatility at Its Best:

Whether you're a tradesperson, an outdoor enthusiast, or someone who loves road trips, this ute tray slide is your perfect partner. It turns your ute bed into a highly functional space, making it easy to carry, secure, and access your gear.

Say goodbye to the hassle of reaching into the depths of your ute. The UniUte Sliding Tray Drawer is a revolutionary product that transforms your RAM 1500 into a more functional and efficient vehicle.

With its robust construction, smooth operation, and secure locking system, it's the ultimate slide tray for your ute. Order your UniUte Sliding Tray Drawer today and experience the convenience and efficiency it brings to your daily life.

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