EGen2 Electric Roller Shutter For SsangYong Musso XLV (Long Tub) 2018+

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Product Description

UniUte EGen2 Electric Roller Shutter for SsangYong Musso XLV (Long Tub) 2018+

Enhance your driving experience with the UniUte EGen2 Electric Roller Shutter, the ultimate ute roller cover designed exclusively for the SsangYong Musso XLV (Long Tub) 2018+. This premium product represents the zenith of innovation in the ute accessory market, offering a blend of style, security, and unparalleled functionality. Whether you're cruising through the streets of Melbourne or embarking on rugged outback adventures, the EGen2 Electric Roller Shutter is your perfect companion, keeping your cargo secure and your vehicle looking sharp.

Design and Build Quality
The EGen2 Electric Roller Shutter is crafted from high-grade, matte black aluminium, giving your SsangYong Musso a sleek and modern edge. This roller cover ute is not just about looks; it's built to withstand harsh weather conditions. Its construction features rust-resistant properties, ensuring longevity and durability. The integration of rubber joint pads and water drain channels prevents water ingress, making it an ideal choice for all climates, especially the unpredictable weather patterns in Melbourne.

This electric ute roller shutter is a testament to convenience and efficiency. Operated remotely, it allows easy access to your ute's tray with just a click of a button. The integration of an interior LED light enhances visibility, especially during night-time loading and unloading. The shutter is designed to stop at multiple positions, providing flexibility in cargo management. With two remotes included, accessibility is always at your fingertips, whether you're near or far from your vehicle.

Security Features
Security is paramount with the EGen2. The roller shutter's interlocking planks are designed to resist cutting, offering an additional layer of protection against theft. This feature makes the EGen2 Electric Roller Shutter an indispensable asset for securing valuable tools and equipment, ensuring peace of mind wherever you park.

Designed specifically for the SsangYong Musso XLV (Long Tub) 2018+, this roller cover guarantees a perfect fit, maintaining the vehicle's aesthetic integrity while enhancing its functionality. The side top tracks of the roller shutter are compatible with various accessories, including sports bars, crossbars, and ladder racks (with adaptor brackets sold separately), allowing for extensive customisation to suit your individual needs.

Installation and Maintenance
Installation of the EGen2 Electric Roller Shutter is straightforward, with an option for professional fitting available in Melbourne and other locations. Maintenance is minimal, thanks to its robust build and quality materials. Regular cleaning with mild soap and water will keep it looking as good as new, ensuring your SsangYong Musso stays stylish and functional.

The UniUte EGen2 Electric Roller Shutter is not just a cover; it's a versatile addition to your vehicle. Whether you're carrying tools for work, gear for a weekend getaway, or shopping from the local market, this roller shutter ute lid adapts to all your needs. Its ability to stop at various positions allows you to tailor the space according to the size and shape of your cargo.

Aesthetic Appeal
Apart from its functional benefits, the EGen2 Roller Shutter significantly enhances the visual appeal of your SsangYong Musso. The matte black finish and sleek design contribute to a more streamlined and modern look, making your vehicle stand out on the road.

The UniUte EGen2 Electric Roller Shutter for the SsangYong Musso XLV (Long Tub) 2018+ is more than just a ute roller cover; it's an investment in your vehicle's functionality, security, and style. With its robust construction, advanced features, and sleek design, it's the perfect addition to enhance your driving experience. Embrace the future of ute accessories with the EGen2 Electric Roller Shutter and elevate your SsangYong Musso to new heights of sophistication and utility.

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