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Premium Quality Hard Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover. One of the most convenient lids for your UTE.

  • Easy installation
  • Easy on or off in less than six minutes
  • Perfect fitting alignment
  • Completely assembled in the box – no loose parts
  • No tools required
  • Smart Lighting Included
  • OE matte black pattern, offering best match with your ute
  • Drive with the cover in the open or closed position
  • Superior seal for waterproofing
  • Tailgate lock can provide additional security
  • Sleek appearance improves fuel economy
  • Heavy Duty Tri-Fold Design with capacity over 250kg

Compatible with roll bar (sold separately)

Current Stock:
Width: 50.00
Height: 15.00
Depth: 140.00

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4 Stars
Trifold tonneau cover

It looks fantastic on the Triton and I think it will do the job I want it for namley security, rain protection, and enables me to still load high loads when the need arises. I had issues fitting the unit but they were easily overcome. The 4 clamps to secure the rails to the tub were useless. They were never going to work on the Triton(I cant comment on any other car).THAT WAS EASILY OVERCOME by using 14 gaugeƗ65mm tech screws to screw the rails to the tub. (This involved drilling clearance hole through the supplied rails first) The front slots in the rails did not match the clamps that are attached to the tonneau. Easily overcome by enlarging the slots. The rear water seal on the tailgate is achieved by a attaching the supplied high density foam strip to the tailgate. (This is necessary due to the stupid shape of the rear of the tub on the Triton) I think this will not stay in place very long. I will replace it with a length of square steel or aluminium tube and tech screw it on. As the Triton models do not have a locking tailgate I will have to fit a after market remote lock to get the security I need.